Wonderful Bol in a design fom Robert Brasington. As all designs from Robert, the colour match is unique and beautiful. Just as all bol kites a Bol is a real classic on every kite festival.
89,90 €*
Invento HQ
The bears are loose! Get the cuddly little bears and let them fly, especially nice are of course all 5 on top of each other in the flying line of a lifter kite. But of course they also look great individually on a stable rod, e.g. our Windsock Pole!
19,90 €*
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Kites for spring!
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Invento HQ
Introducing Diva, a remarkable sport kite that dominates the sky with its commanding size and exceptional flight capabilities. Its impressive appearance is perfectly matched by its performance.
229,00 €*
Prism Kites
The all-new Aether is incredibly light and beautifully balanced to perform in the lightest breezes when your regular kites are grounded. It responds to fingertip inputs with a lively precision that’ll give you confidence to explore all tricks.
199,00 €*
Invento HQ
The Verve is HQ‘s high-performance quad-line sport kite. Prepare to be mesmerized by its flight acrobatics as it effortlessly executes forward and backward maneuvers, glides sideways, hovers gracefully and performs dynamic propeller spins.
219,00 €*
The mini crocodiles are belonging in every kitebag! An sbsolute eyecatcher in 8 colours. Solid workmanship and high-quality material ensure long durability.
49,90 €*
This handy kite loves the high altitudes and strong winds. The eight meter long, ultra-light fuzzy tail stabilizes its flight, however, even in a lighter breeze.
39,90 €*
This friendly creature from the deep amuses everyone with his watchful eye. The Squid is a big, surprisingly affordable, piece of line laundry.
69,00 €*
Invento HQ
Larger kites are more often easier to fly than small ones. This is especially true with our collection of XL Delta Kites, filling more sky for a great display as they also prove to be perfect flying machines.
129,00 €*
Invento HQ
The funny Bouncing Birdeez are fun and will draw attention as beach and lawn decoration.
44,90 €*

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