The mini crocodiles are belonging in every kitebag! An sbsolute eyecatcher in 8 colours. Solid workmanship and high-quality material ensure long durability.
49,90 €*
The Clown fish is polular line laundry on every kite festival. With 230cm length it is not small, but nevertheless easy to handle.
89,00 €*
Colours in Motion
The Jellyfish from Colours in Motion is a wind game for a fishing pole, a flag mast or for the kite line.
37,90 €*
The bear is a beautiful line laundry made of Spinnaker Nylon.
149,00 €*
The small tiger kite is a beautiful line laundry made of Spinnaker Nylon.
199,00 €*
For all dragon tamers there is the Flying Dragon 3.5 It is easy to use and thanks to the robust spinnaker nylon very durable.
199,00 €*
The witch on the broom is something completely different! Not only perfect for Halloween, the witch also looks eerily beautiful at dusk in the evening!
199,00 €*
The 3m ballon fish kite is an absolute eye catcher on every kite festival. This beautiful line laundry is made of Spinnaker Nylon! This fish flies also at lower wind and due to the high quality fabric it is very durable.
249,00 €*
The Crab in maxi format! Fits in every bag and only needs a medium lifter kite! The Crab is made of high quality Rip-Stop-Nylon.
199,00 €*
Colours in Motion
The Tadpole´s are a perfect eyecatcher on every kite line or flag pole. With 2,4m length and a diameter of 25cm the Tadpole´s are perfect for a making small group.
13,90 €*
Frameless softkite heart, which can be flow as single kite or as line laundry in a lifter kite
49,90 €*
Invento HQ
The bears are loose! Get the cuddly little bears and let them fly, especially nice are of course all 5 on top of each other in the flying line of a lifter kite. But of course they also look great individually on a stable rod, e.g. our Windsock Pole!
19,90 €*