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Frameless characters

  • Small tiger kite
    The small tiger kite is a beautiful line laundry made of Spinnaker Nylon.
    159,00 € *
  • Lucky Fish
    The Clown fish is polular line laundry on every kite festival. With 230cm length it is not small, but nevertheless easy to handle.
    79,00 € *
  • Windsock Tadpole
    Colours in Motion
    Windsock Tadpole
    The Tadpole´s are a perfect eyecatcher on every kite line or flag pole. With 2,4m length and a diameter of 25cm the Tadpole´s are perfect for a making small group.
    11,90 € *
  • Jellyfish
    Colours in Motion
    The Jellyfish from Colours in Motion is a wind game for a fishing pole, a flag mast or for the kite line.
    29,90 € *
  • Sea horse 5m
    Line laundry made of Taffeta nylon.
    159,00 € *
  • Flying heart
    Frameless softkite heart, which can be flow as single kite or as line laundry in a lifter kite
    39,90 € *
  • Giant Dolphin
    The Dolphin is polular line laundry on every kite festival. With 4m length it is not small, but nevertheless easy to handle.
    139,00 € *
  • Riviera Snake Wheel
    Into the Wind
    Riviera Snake Wheel
    The Snake Wheels are also known with the german name "Knüpferschlange". A real classic! The Snake Wheel needs a powerful lifter kite.
    179,00 € *
  • Giant Dragonfly
    Giant Dragonfly is a very huge eyecatcher! Depending on the wind you need a middle to large lifter kite. A couple of helpers is very useful to get the many bridle lines under control!
    799,00 € *
  • Whale 5m
    229,00 € *
  • Sea horse 10m
    Line laundry made of Taffeta nylon.
    339,00 € *
  • Whale 10m
    The 10m whale is an absolutely huge kite, so you have to have a little bit experience.The whale has a strong pull and needs a strong lifter kite, e.g. a Power Sled 81 or similar.
    479,00 € *