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  • Maraca light
    Maraca light
    Ready for the perfect day? You're looking for a kite for balmy evening breezes? This kite is for you, your lightwind addicts, after-work kiters, trick pilots.
    99,00 € *
  • Reloaded UL
    Level One Kites
    Reloaded UL
    Completely reworked Level One presents the Reloaded. Originally it was the more agile variant of Easy², now he has cut the cord and makes a new onw kite for beginners. The UL variant is for low winds.
    149,00 € *
  • Jumping Jack Flash SUL
    Level One Kites
    Jumping Jack Flash SUL
    The Jumping Jack Flash is made and designed after the "won't work - is not possible" principle. It is the trick machine of all Level One kites. The SUL variant is for lightes breeze.
    299,00 € *
  • Jumping Jack Flash Excalibur UL
    The flying behavior of the FFJ Excalibur are so unbelievable that you must fly it by yourself! It has all features that trick kite fliers has on their wishlist. With 30gr lower weight the JJF Excalibur UL is perfect for low winds.
    309,00 € *
  • Gentleman UL
    Level One Kites
    Gentleman UL
    The Gentleman UL is a brand new precise and trick kite from Level One.
    279,00 € *
  • Black Pearl UL
    Level One Kites
    Black Pearl UL
    Consistently developed for the modern Freestyle the pilot can do the whole range of tricks with the Black Pearl already after short time.
    279,00 € *
  • Shadow
    Invento HQ
    The Shadow resulted from the collaboration of our test pilots Ralf Naujocks and Ralph Joh. The goal was to create a light wind kite that had full freestyle abilities
    219,90 € *
  • 4D
    Prism Kites
    Anywhere, anytime, the 4-D makes stunt kiting a blast when nothing else will fly. Its 58” wingspan makes small spaces big so you can fly in tight quarters with ease.
    119,00 € *
  • Zephyr Inferno
    Prism Kites
    Zephyr Inferno
    The Zephyr is designed for pilots who appreciate the finesse of flying in lighter winds and the subtler finger and wrist control it requires.
    249,00 € *
  • Stratus
    Invento HQ
    This all-round kite combines state-of-the-art technological expertise to make light wind kite flying fun. Stratus delivers outstanding light wind performance on calm days when other kites will not get off the ground.
    89,90 € *
  • Cirrus
    Invento HQ
    Cirrus offers features that are otherwise only found in higher price brackets. Endless fun for beginners and experienced pilots is guaranteed with this exciting kite that combines quality with thrilling performance.
    54,90 € *
  • 1-2-Seven
    Colours in Motion
    The 1-2-Seven from Colours in Motion is an entry level kite of the 1st league! Super sturdy and a huge wind range from 1 to 7 Bft. A real highlight!
    43,90 € *