The splicing needle is used to splice loops at the end of lines, also very helpful to get a line in the trailing edge of kites. You can use it also to sleeve the end of dyneema lines.
1,50 €*
Sleeving lines are for protection for dyneema or kevlar lines. It protects the line from damages in the areas of knots or connections to other lines.
3,00 €*
Medium viscosity industrial grade superglue. Perfect for bonding a wide variety of materials in the workshop and at home.
5,95 €* 0.02 kg | 297,50 €/kg
The double fold binder fits on most sewing machines. For automatic folding of 25mm spinnaker stripes.
89,00 €*
Perfect to cut kite fabrics, webbings and synthetic lines.
from 95,90 €*
Replacement tips for the HSGM hot cutter
25,00 €*
This anemometer is designed with four cups (horizontally rotating) of wind wheel. It can more accurately and quickly sense the running speed of the wind and is not affected by the wind direction.
74,90 €*