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  • Toxic II
    HQ Powerkites
    Toxic II
    The Toxic II is an evolution in performance design. Experience more speed, power and upwind ability.
    from 279,00 € *
  • Zebra Z2
    Zebra Kites
    Zebra Z2
    By launching the Z2, ZebraKites presents a high performance kite with enormous potential. The kite scores with its impressive performance and unbeatable price-performance ratio.
    from 249,00 € *
  • Twister
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Getting air is awesome! And to put that awesome in your hands we have made the Twister.
    from 299,00 € *
  • Speedy III
    Speedy III
    Libre primary rocks in the third generation: The legendary Speedy continues its success story. The synthesis from new shape and optimised material mix makes the classic suited for beginner and achievement-ambitious.
    from 169,00 € *
  • Lava III
    Lava III
    The concept of the LAVA was developed to a new level. With the LAVA III Elliot created a perfect intermediate kite with lots of power, traction and fun.
    from 299,00 € *