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Design Kites

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  • Rokkaku Rainbow Orbit Bubbles
    The Rokkaku Kite Rainbow Orbit Bubbles by Premier Kites impresses with its design and is instantly seen in the sky.
    159,00 € *
  • Zombie Kite
    Premier Kites
    Zombie Kite
    The Zombie Kites from Premier are quite unusual. They are concipated for light to medium winds and are offering a fantastic view, when the body of the zombie will begin to flow in the air.
    39,90 € *
  • Buzz Bee Kite
    Into the Wind
    Buzz Bee Kite
    Buzz Bee demands attention. Like the Asian kites that inspired him, George's Bee makes a buzzing sound in flight.
    115,00 € *
  • 10 ft. Turtle
    Into the Wind
    10 ft. Turtle
    Impressively huge on the ground, Sky Dog’s 10-ft.Turtle is equally eye catching in the sky. Stable and easy to fly, it’s a unique design that really stands out in a crowd.
    159,00 € *
  • Dragonfly Tropic
    Into the Wind
    Dragonfly Tropic
    George Peters Dragonfly has wings that flutter and a stable, hovering flight. Remarkably insect-like in the air, it’s a gentle flier that floats in light winds.
    115,00 € *
  • Hula Girl
    Premier Kites
    Hula Girl
    Premier Dancing Kites are a huge hit on the dance floor of the sky! With a few tugs on the line you'll have them movin' and groovin' on Cloud Nine.
    from 55,00 € *
  • Moon Kite
    The Moon Kite is a really exceptional single-line kite, which is immediately noticeable! The innovative design and high-quality Skyshark tubes are making the Moon Kite to a jewel for every kite bag!
    299,00 € *
  • Hoffmanns Canard Delta
    With its impressive 9-meter-long tail, „Hoffmann‘s Canard Delta“ makes for an impressive appearance in the sky. The canard sail, used in a Delta for the first time, gives „Hoffmann‘s Canard Delta“ a smooth and balanced flight behaviour.
    94,90 € *
  • Dove Kite
    The wonderful Dove Kites are designed by Karl Longbottom. It is a perfect kite and gift for weddings, especially when you are flying more than one Dove Kite.
    99,00 € *
  • Eddy arc
    Eddy arcs are an absolutely clssic kite on every kite festival! This eddy arc consists of 20 single eddy kites.
    49,90 € *
  • Borealis Diamond Neon Tronic
    Borealis Diamonds are the finest production diamond kites in the world. Equipped with Sky Shark tubular wrapped carbon and boasting scalloped edges and bead & nock style fastening.
    85,00 € *
  • Rokkaku „The scream“
    Premier Kites
    Rokkaku „The scream“
    The Rokkaku Kite „The Scream“ by Premier Kites impresses with its design and is instantly seen in the sky.
    159,00 € *
1 2 3 4 5