Prism Kites
Great things take time, but our latest creation was worth the wait. The innovative faceted leading edge shape with a 6 degree bend at the ferrules gives it extra drive and precision in the air.
299,00 €*
The Abraxas will be a faithfull companion for many years of your kite career. Nice precision, good feedback, releases tricks with ease. From the basic trick maneuver to the classics to the latest new School moves: You can do it!
239,00 €*
Invento HQ
Don’t let the lack of a breeze spoil your fun. The Flow is an extremely light weight kite built for doldrum days. When there is nothing left for other kites, the Flow still provides the necessary feedback to pull it across the sky.
109,90 €*
Invento HQ
Light wind is home for the new Shade. Designed for performance flying, the Shade provides optimal feedback to the pilot even with very little wind.
139,90 €*
Invento HQ
Jive – the name alone already reveals its programme. Now, the Jive III enters the floor as the latest development. And it “dances” more beautifully than ever before.
119,00 €*
Invento HQ
The Maestro III may look similar to its predecessor. But it is a completely redesigned sport kite that delivers the latest in trick flying performance.
174,90 €*
Prism Kites
Step up to freestyle flying. With a full-sized 8-foot wing span the Hypnotist is precise and forgiving, while its higher aspect ratio gives greater pitch sensitivity to handle the latest freestyle moves with ease.
199,00 €*
Prism Kites
The ultimate choice for new pilots, the Quantum’s 7-foot wingspan is big enough for serious excitement and designed to make learning a snap.
from 159,00 €*