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  • HQ4 Apex
    HQ4 Apex
    Are you looking for a kite you can trust 100%? One that won’t let you down even in extreme backcountry situations? One that lets you safely scale all lofty heights? Especially for you, we have developed the Apex!
    from 375,00 € *
  • Lynx V4
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Lynx V4
    The Lynx is a medium Aspect Ratio, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety, that offers plenty of smooth and controllable power and is very responsive to bar input. The kite’s stability and superior flight characteristics makes depower kiting easy.
    from 529,00 € *
  • HQ4 Montana
    Are you looking for a high-performance kite to explore the mountains? A kite with enough power even in light wind conditions,and ample power in loops, so it can pull you up the steepest slopes? That’s exactly what has motivated us to develop the Montana.
    from 840,00 € *
  • HQ4 Matrixx
    Are you looking for a kite that is set apart by high versatility and highend performance? With the Matrixx, we have focused on developing a kite that offers exactly these traits: A kite that works on all terrains.
    from 1.025,00 € *
  • HQ4 Freeracer
    The Freeracer was designed to give riders wanting speed an affordable performance kite with easy control and handling.We engineered a wing with smooth and predictable behavior that does not overreact in critical situations, nor needs extensivetraining to
    from 1.455,00 € *
  • HQ4 Rush Pro School 300
    You want to be well-prepared for kitesurfing, snowkiting as well as landboarding? And you are looking for a trainer kite, but would also like the challenging characteristics of a real depower kite? Then the Rush 300 Pro School is for you!
    265,90 € *
  • Slope
    Zebra Kites
    Our new Slope de-powerable kite based on a high-performance kite. Despite the great flight performance and powerful lift, the kite is still suitable for beginners.
    from 355,00 € *