The connectors of HQ are made of durable rubber and are very sturdy.
0,30 €*
Stand-off mount for the kite sail. The clip will be fixed with a rubber ring on the back of the sail. Short sail mount, only for thin sails!
0,70 €*
One opening with approx. 6mm and one with approx. 6.1mm. Connects Skyshark with 6.1mm inner sleeve and a 6mm spine.
1,50 €*
Fiber reinforced t-connector from Kersch Wings. For 8mm tubes / rods.
Our previous price 3,90 €
2,00 €*
The connector for small stunt kites or light wind kites. As a center cross, this connector is glued exactly to the middle of the continuous lower spreader.
0,50 €*
The angled leading edge connectors are made of very durable rubber, extremely robust and very flexible.
0,80 €*