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Here something completely different: An arched kite from the Tasmanian kite master! Seven colorful stars stretch in an almost 12m long arc and delight their viewer. Super easy to fly.
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The Manta Kite is a light wind flyer based on an idea by Ralf Dietrich. The printed tribal design by Rainer Kuhlmann gives this impressive light wind kite a cool and modern look.
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The Roto kite rotates around its axis while in flight, creating a conspicuous kinetic display.
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Revolution Kites
Revolution Reflex RX Spider Web – The wind is to strong for all other version of the Revolution Reflex series? No problem, if you own the Spider Web you can also have the fun factor at higher wind speeds!
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The new Salsa III is superior to its predecessor in every respect - faster, more powerful, more precise and sturdier. With its new sail design Salsa III dances beautifully across the sky.
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This incredible kite selection of birds and flying dinosaurs combines magnificent and realistic looking graphics with amazing flight performance.
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Eddy arcs are an absolutely clssic kite on every kite festival! This eddy arc consists of 20 single eddy kites.
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The funny Bouncing Buddies are fun and will draw attention as beach and lawn decoration.
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Arrow M - high speed combined with manageable power. Pilots seeking these attributes will immediately take the Arrow M into their hearts. Faster than Arrow and Arrow XL but easier to fly than the Whizz.
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The Cross Boarder is a very affordable trainerkite, both for starting kitesurfers and for anyone else who enjoys the ease of controlling a kite with a bar.
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The KAP Foils developed by German kite enthusiast Ralf Beutnagel are reliable and very stable lifter kites for a camera rig. These brilliant kites have impressed many Kite Aerial Photographers by their flight characteristics.
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Ready-to-fly kite from Carsten Domann that twinkles with the stars! Available in three color variations that can be easily stacked.
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