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  • Tilt Box (Display item)
    Unusual box kite with sloping optics. The shapes of the sails are more efficient and improve the performance of this single line kite. Design by Arno Gradwohl.
    RRP 54,90 € 37,90 € *
  • Libre Handles 28cm, without connecting line
    High-quality 4-Line Handles for power foils made of aluminum with rubber coating and mounting option for harness. Price for pair!
    RRP 30,00 € 15,00 € *
  • Windgame Kristall
    Bring some color in the garden, on the terrace, the balcony, your beach castle on Norderney or wherever you want.
    RRP 9,95 € 5,00 € *
  • Peter Pumkin
    Invento HQ
    Peter Pumkin
    Personality windgames show character. For the special taste, there are these series of high-quality windgames.
    RRP 24,90 € 15,00 € *
  • Climax Combat Speed 4x14m 190/90kg
    The new ultimate line! Even thinner than the Combat SK for the same breaking load. Extremely low stretch and tough. Main line: orange, brake line: neon yellow.
    RRP 46,90 € 34,90 € *
  • SportX soccer goals (Set of 2)
    The SportX set of 2 offers the perfect fun for the garden! The goals are completely assembled and are unfolded easily at the corner hinges.
    RRP 19,90 € 9,90 € *
  • Libre Harness Type B, for spreader bars - size L
    The kitesailing harness from LIBRE. Fits all standard harness spreader bars.
    RRP 59,00 € 35,00 € *
  • SportX soccer goal
    The SportX soccer goal offers the perfect fun for the garden! The goal is completely assembled and is unfolded easily at the corner hinges.
    RRP 19,90 € 9,90 € *
  • Cyclone X-trem line sets
    Top Dyneema, which is pre-loaded with 90% of their capacity and therefore has little stretch. In addition, the fiber is finished with Fibretec and SCPS.
    RRP 17,40 € 16,50 € *
  • Electra 13.0m²
    Electra 13.0m²
    The new Electra has now more power. Aspect ratio, bridle and kite profile marking the kite as high performance kite, but the handling of the kite is still easy.
    RRP 779,00 € 599,00 € *
  • GFK-Tube white
    Sturdy white fiberglass tubes, affordable alternative to Exel fiberglass tubes.
    from 2,50 € *
  • Explorer Pro 200 dinghy
    The Explorer Pro 200 dinghy by Intex is a sturdy dinghy for one or two people. The dinghy has several air chambers, this ensures a good buoyancy and increased safety.
    RRP 39,90 € 29,00 € *
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