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Octopus Kites

  • Octopus Kite 8m
    Our Octopus is not only looking very beautiful, it flies absolutely perfect, too! With a length of 8m it is not small but is is perfect for beginners. The Octopus flies on it´s own, no need for a lifter kite!
    59,00 € *
  • Octopus Kite 18m
    The Octopus 18m is based on the Tadpole Design, so it fly´s also as stable and easy. This beautiful single line kite is made from ripstop nylon, so it will have a good flying performance in lower winds.
    379,00 € *
  • New octopus 10m round eyes
    Frameless line laundry made of taffeta nylon. Shape like a real squid.
    329,00 € *
  • Octopus 10m oval eyes
    Frameless line laundry made of taffeta nylon. Similar form as the Octopus from Peter Lynn.
    299,00 € *