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Box Kites

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  • Clarke's Crystal Box Kite - Rainbow Op Art
    Classic box kite in star design. Fits in every kite bag and is an eyecatcher in the sky!
    79,00 € *
  • Brasington Box Kite
    Brasington Box Kite
    This beautiful box kite has a very unique design, which was made from the well known kite builder and designer Robert Brasington. The colours are carefully matched to each other and are making this kite to a very special kite jewel!
    345,00 € *
  • Box Delta 210
    Colours in Motion
    Box Delta 210
    The Box Delta 210 is a combination from a Delta and a classic box kite. Both kites gives it many advantages, big surfaces to lift the kite are combined with several stabilization surfaces.
    38,90 € *
  • Prism Isotope
    Prism Kites
    Prism Isotope
    The Isotope is our 21st–century twist on the traditional French Military kite. Originally used to lift radio antennae, this high–flying, rock-solid winged box design pulls hard with exceptional stability in the sky.
    54,90 € *
  • Treczoks Cody
    Invento HQ
    Treczoks Cody
    This cody, made according to the standards of Lutz Treczoks, is a friend for life. Superior workmanship and made of the finest materials, this Cody rocks.
    279,90 € *
  • Barbara Meyer Box Genki Kite
    The Genki kite is well known for it´s superd flying behavior in light winds, a box kite is known for very good stability. The Barbara Meyer Box Genki offers you both!
    339,00 € *
  • Hoffmanns Sparkling Triangle Box
    The Sparkling Triangle Box from Rainer Hoffmann is an unusual box kite with a breathtaking look.
    79,90 € *
  • Bow Kite „Sunrise“
    A masterpiece designed by Rainer Hoffmann. Like a majestic sailing ship, this unusual kite stands tall in the sky, always moving slightly and quietly.
    149,90 € *
  • Houtermans Box
    Invento HQ
    Houtermans Box
    Jan Houtermans, an accomplished Austrian kite designer, created this collection of single line gems to excite even the most demanding kite collectors.
    119,90 € *
  • F-Box Beach rainbow
    Invento HQ
    F-Box Beach rainbow
    This interesting box kite is very versatile. Its wind range is fairly wide.
    24,90 € *
  • Star 7 Box Kite
    Into the Wind
    Star 7 Box Kite
    Over 5-ft. across, the Star 7 flies at unusually high angles for a box kite. A spectacular show kite outdoors, it’s also an uplifting indoor decoration that dusts itself when it flies.
    95,00 € *
  • Elevation Box
    Into the Wind
    Elevation Box
    This box takes a little wind. She is a workhorse for strong winds. Flies without bridle.
    69,00 € *
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