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Box Kites

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  • Clarke's Crystal Box Kite - Rainbow Op Art
    Classic box kite in star design. Fits in every kite bag and is an eyecatcher in the sky!
    79,00 € *
  • Brasington Box Kite
    Brasington Box Kite
    This beautiful box kite has a very unique design, which was made from the well known kite builder and designer Robert Brasington. The colours are carefully matched to each other and are making this kite to a very special kite jewel!
    345,00 € *
  • Box Delta 210
    Colours in Motion
    Box Delta 210
    The Box Delta 210 is a combination from a Delta and a classic box kite. Both kites gives it many advantages, big surfaces to lift the kite are combined with several stabilization surfaces.
    38,90 € *
  • Treczoks Cody
    Invento HQ
    Treczoks Cody
    This cody, made according to the standards of Lutz Treczoks, is a friend for life. Superior workmanship and made of the finest materials, this Cody rocks.
    279,90 € *
  • Barbara Meyer Box Genki Kite
    The Genki kite is well known for it´s superd flying behavior in light winds, a box kite is known for very good stability. The Barbara Meyer Box Genki offers you both!
    339,00 € *
  • Hoffmanns Sparkling Triangle Box
    The Sparkling Triangle Box from Rainer Hoffmann is an unusual box kite with a breathtaking look.
    79,90 € *
  • Bow Kite „Sunrise“
    A masterpiece designed by Rainer Hoffmann. Like a majestic sailing ship, this unusual kite stands tall in the sky, always moving slightly and quietly.
    154,90 € *
  • Houtermans Box
    Invento HQ
    Houtermans Box
    Jan Houtermans, an accomplished Austrian kite designer, created this collection of single line gems to excite even the most demanding kite collectors.
    119,90 € *
  • F-Box Beach rainbow
    Invento HQ
    F-Box Beach rainbow
    This interesting box kite is very versatile. Its wind range is fairly wide.
    29,90 € *
  • Star 7 Box Kite
    Into the Wind
    Star 7 Box Kite
    Over 5-ft. across, the Star 7 flies at unusually high angles for a box kite. A spectacular show kite outdoors, it’s also an uplifting indoor decoration that dusts itself when it flies.
    95,00 € *
  • Elevation Box
    Into the Wind
    Elevation Box
    This box takes a little wind. She is a workhorse for strong winds. Flies without bridle.
    69,00 € *
  • Roto S
    Invento HQ
    Roto S
    The Roto "S" kite is the startup model in our Roto series with an attractive price point. It spins around its axis while in flight, creating an exciting kinetic color display.
    29,90 € *
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