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Cross joints

  • Kersch Wings Crossjoint
    The Kersch Wings croisjoints are high quality and very sturdy. They are used to connect the lower spreaders with the keel.
    2,00 € *
  • EXEL Crossjoint
    Exel crossjoints are used to connect the lower spreader to the keel of the kite. For 4-8mm rods
    1,60 € *
  • EXEL T-Joint
    Exel T-joints connect rods together on a single level.
    1,60 € *
  • Crossjoint
    This crossjoints have a very good quality and are very sturdy.
    from 2,80 € *
  • Eddy crossjoint
    The Eddy crossjoints have a special angle for classic eddy kites.
    from 1,00 € *
  • Skyshark crossjoint
    Universal crossjoint for Skyshark rods with inner connector which must be glued to one side. Matches for 3 – 7PT, P90 – P400 or Skyshark Nitro
    6,00 € *
  • Center piece 6mm, 6 holes
    Center pieces are special connectors for Octaeders or Hexagons. Also they are good for building winddmills.
    9,90 € *
  • FSD rotating crossjoint
    The rotating crossjoints are best for non splitted lower spreaders. The lower spreader can be rotated vertical in the same direktion as the keel.
    6,50 € *