A top class power kite. The Mirage XL is the result of consistent further development and optimization for the extreme power range
269,00 €*
One of the ELLIOT classics among the power kites.
209,00 €*
Invento HQ
The Arrow XL leaves no doubt about its purpose - pure power and a high degree of speed. Just like its smaller brother, the Arrow XL pulls dynamically and quickly on precise straights and extreme loops through the wind window.
229,00 €*
The Jet Stream was completely redesingned and is now available as Reloaded version.
179,00 €*
The Sportsman will challenge the pilot right at the start. It can fly tight loops and corners and is reacting very direct to you steering impulses. If there is enough wind the Sportsman will speed up and gives you a good pull.
109,00 €*