A top class power kite. The Mirage XL is the result of consistent further development and optimization for the extreme power range
269,00 €*
One of the ELLIOT classics among the power kites.
209,00 €*
This kite is a real power and speed kite and provides plenty of action on the beach! With its wingspan of 220 cm, it is not only fast, it also builds up a lot of pressure and flies extremely well in stronger winds in the wind range of 2-7 Bft..
149,00 €*
Invento HQ
The Arrow XL leaves no doubt about its purpose - pure power and a high degree of speed. Just like its smaller brother, the Arrow XL pulls dynamically and quickly on precise straights and extreme loops through the wind window.
229,00 €*
The Jet Stream was completely redesingned and is now available as Reloaded version.
179,00 €*