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Mylar & Gauze

  • Mylar 40gr.
    Fine mesh incorporated PES threads. Very suitable as a reinforcing materi. Weight approx. 40gr/sqm., width approx. 122cm.
    29,90 € *
  • Mylar 53gr.
    PES fibers for diagonal reinforcement, thus also in the diagonal very little stretch. Very suitable as a reinforcing material. Weight approx. 53gr / sqm., width approx. 140cm.
    23,90 € *
  • X-PLY® Reinforced Monofilm
    Very transparent, reinforced monofilm with black fiberglass yarns. Very suitable as a reinforcing material. width 137cm
    23,90 € *
  • Mylar laminate fluor orange
    Spinnaker Mylar laminate in top quality! The back is made of matt polyester spinnaker fabric in fluor orange, the front is noble shining through the Mylar. Width approx 140cm.
    19,90 € *
  • Gauze
    Fine-mesh fabric, like mosquito nets. Gauze is ideal to reduce the kites power by opening the sail with gauze. Also gauze is used in the sail of Revolution kites. width 150cm, black or white
    6,50 € *