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  • Rubber ring
    Rubber rings are used to connect 2 crossing rods together.
    from 0,40 € *
  • Aluminium rings
    This rings are used for bridles etc.. The rings are welded.
    from 0,15 € *
  • D-Ring
    Aluminium D-Rings are perfect in combination with small webbing to make bridle or rod anchors.
    from 0,15 € *
  • Stainless steel ring
    Stainless steel rings are used instead of aluminium rings, when the forces for the aluminium rings are too big.
    from 0,50 € *
  • Keyring
    Keyrings can be attached to loops. They can´t take many load and they are not rustproof.
    from 0,15 € *
  • Speedwing Clip
    This clip is for the tube nose of the Speedwing kite. Fits perfect above the nose tube and connects to the bridle.
    0,40 € *