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Bridle lines

  • Liros DSL
    Liros DSL
    The DSL is a top bridle line made from the well known company Liros. Best materials and processing are the guarantee for highest breaking loads at smallest line diameter.
    from 0,25 € *
  • Liros Magic Race
    The Magic Race is a top line made from Liros. It is perfect as bridle line for attachment points or points where you need more breaking loads. The perfect complement to the Liros DSL.
    0,69 € *
  • Liros Trim line HighQuality
    High quality trim line with Dyneema-Core! Trim line is perfect as connection line between handles or as line for pulley systems. Also usable as connection bridle for kites with heavy pull.
    from 0,60 € *
  • Liros Magic Sport
    Technical high-grade, universally useable line in striking Neon-Design. Very abrasion resistant core in cleats, low stretch due to heat-set Polyester core.
    from 0,40 € *
  • Climax Dyneema
    Colour sleeved dyneema bridle line. Easy to knot and very sturdy.
    from 0,29 € *
  • Complete bridle REV 1.5
    A complete bridle for Rev 1.5 - As replacement or for DIY projects.
    15,90 € *
  • Liros D-Pro
    Liros D-Pro
    The Liros D-Pro is a high tech Dyneema line with optimized breaking load and best stretch performance. It is a perfect line to connect Handles or as repair line for damaged Quadbar lines.
    from 1,40 € *