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  • 25 in. Tricycle Spinner - Boy
    These playful three wheelers sport bright colors and traditional shiny silver tassels on the handlebars.
    RRP 49,90 € 37,90 € *
  • Climax Handles 49cm
    Sturdy handles made from glassfiber reinforced plastic with a comfortable foam grip. Lenght approxx. 35cm Price for pair!
    RRP 39,90 € 19,90 € *
  • Design Line Windmill Crazy Rainbow
    Design Line Windmills - the wind spinner series with the special attention to elegant appearance and visual effects.
    RRP 17,90 € 13,50 € *
  • Micron red
    Prism Kites
    Micron red
    His teeth are bright in a silly grin. His head swivels endlessly, chasing his darting eyeballs. His arms are still but if you watch his fingertips, they’re twitching.
    RRP 53,90 € 45,90 € *
  • Magic Wheel Duett Cocktail
    The faszination created by rotating movement of our Magic Wheels will mesmerize you.
    RRP 17,90 € 13,90 € *
  • Blokart Sail 4m² red
    Annoyed again, because the wind was too low and your Blokart must be in your vehicle? Here is the solution: the 4m² sail for your Blokart!
    RRP 799,00 € 639,00 € *
  • Fritz the Frog
    Fritz the Frog
    Kissed awake! Or - who says that a frog can´t fly? The frog is complete without frame.
    RRP 59,00 € 46,90 € *
  • Kap Foil 8.0
    Invento HQ
    Kap Foil 8.0
    The KAP Foils developed by German kite enthusiast Ralf Beutnagel are reliable and very stable lifter kites for a camera rig. These brilliant kites have impressed many Kite Aerial Photographers by their flight characteristics.
    RRP 389,00 € 299,00 € *
  • Blokart Carbon mast for sail 4.0m²
    Complete carbon mast for the 4.0m² sail. Stiffer and more powerful than the fiberglass mast.
    RRP 790,00 € 632,00 € *
  • Wiggle Pirate
    Wiggle Pirate
    Children will be thrilled by our Crazy Wiggle Kites that provide loads of fun at any time. Unlike ordinary children kites, the motion effects of these flying creatures will keep children entertained for hours.
    RRP 29,90 € 23,90 € *
  • Diabolo "Harlequin"
    The Diabolo Harlequin Medium comes with about 42cm long wooden handsticks, string and a game instructions on the back of the cardboard, delivered as sets!
    RRP 19,90 € 13,90 € *
  • Ladybug 10
    The Ladybug Kites are excellent fliers just as the Tadpole kites. They are very easy to handle, so everybody can fly this kite. Due to the spinnaker nylon fabric the Ladybug´s are flying very good even at lighter wind.
    RRP 279,00 € 209,00 € *
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