Fast like an arrow, extreme agility and a pleasant pull on the flying line. This is the perfect description for the Wasabi kite!
109,00 €*
Wonderful Bol in a design fom Robert Brasington. As all designs from Robert, the colour match is unique and beautiful. Just as all bol kites a Bol is a real classic on every kite festival.
89,90 €*
The Trilobites are not only beautiful to look at, depending on the size they are also capable to lift small and large line laundry. The long tails are stabilizing the Trilobite perfect!
179,00 €*
Revolution Kites
The new Revolution Reflex EXP is the new standard for entering the world of the 4-line rod kites - no previous experience necessary! The EXP is the basic model and is easier to fly than you can imagine.
199,00 €*
Invento HQ
Framed with 4mm fibreglass and a strong sail, it already excels in low winds and is flexible and durable enough to withstand crashes with ease.
51,90 €*
Invento HQ
Our beautiful Delta Kites are even suitable for light winds. They develop a pleasant pull and offer very stable and reliable flight characteristics. 5 different Designs!
29,90 €*
Invento HQ
The funny Bouncing Buddies are fun and will draw attention as beach and lawn decoration.
64,90 €*
Invento HQ
The Symphony Pro generation for high demands. Uncompromisingly revised in terms of flight performance, material and accessories.
119,00 €*
Between the Lines - these are 5 different individual kites by the color virtuoso Robert Brasington, which you can link as you wish and thus build your own, individual chain of them. The possible combinations are almost endless!
59,90 €*
Peter Lynn Kites
To make your powerkiting progression fun as well as challenging, the Impulse TR is safe, easy to fly and has a big windrange.
Our previous price 219,00 €
195,00 €*
Invento HQ
The Bouncing Buddy Billy the Crab is getting reinforcements from a big brother! The Crab XL is almost 3m wide and a real eye-catcher!
149,00 €*
Invento HQ
The funny Bouncing Birdeez are fun and will draw attention as beach and lawn decoration.
44,90 €*