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Colours in Motion

Although the Powerhawk has no big wingspan, the kite offers power and speed. The Powerhawk is ideal for beginners.

Item #: 280102x
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The Powerhawk is a small powerhouse. With more pull than the most kites with this size the Powerhawk is the perfect kite for everyone who don´t wants to fly a big kite but wants to get the power of the wind though. The Powerhawk is ideal for the days with more wind. The wind range of this kite is 2 to 6 Bft. Even short after starting the kite, you will feel that this kite has more power than you would expect.

Size: 155 x 75 cm
Included line set: 2 x 25 m polyester line incl. webbing straps
Frame: 6 mm Fiberglass tubes
Sail: polyester
Wind range: 2 to 6 Bft.
Age 14+
Rods / Tubes Fibreglass 6 mm
Heigth 75 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes, 2x25m on winder with hand straps
Wingspan 155 cm
Wind range 2 – 6 bft

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