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  • Twisted Wheel
    Landscape your lawn, porch or balcony with lasting beauty and style throughout the year. Made of fade-resistant ripstop polyester and fiberglass frames for increased durability. 
    16,90 € *
  • Mylar 53gr.
    PES fibers for diagonal reinforcement, thus also in the diagonal very little stretch. Very suitable as a reinforcing material. Weight approx. 53gr / sqm., width approx. 140cm.
    24,90 € * 1.4 m² | 17,79 €/m²
  • Blokart Fibreglass mast for sail 3.0m²
    Complete fiberglass mast for your 3m² sail.
    575,00 € *
  • Blokart Ultra Downhaul 2
    This downhaul gives you the opportunity to easily adjust the tension of your sail when you are racin
    309,00 € *
  • Blokart Retro Fit Downhaul Vorliekstrecker
    This downhaul gives you the opportunity to easily adjust the tension of your sail when you are racin
    74,00 € *
  • Blokart Carbon mast for sail 4.0m²
    Complete carbon mast for the 4.0m² sail. Stiffer and more powerful than the fiberglass mast.
    990,00 € *
  • Blokart mastparts ultra carbon
    Used as spare parts for your mast or to expand the mast for bigger sails.
    from 215,00 € *
  • Revolution Cap
    Original endcaps for all vertical struts of Rev-Kites and the leading edge from the EXP 1.5. Fits for 1/4" and 5/16" tubes.
    15,90 € *
  • Prism Zenith 5
    Prism Kites
    Prism Zenith 5
    The Zenith is the next generation of our best selling, high flying 5-foot delta, with a fresh new look and a redesigned wing for extra stability on those days when the wind is gusty or turbulent.
    44,90 € *
  • Blokart ratched block
    Block with ratched function. You don´t have to pull your sheet line all the time because of the ratched.
    124,00 € *
  • Blokart Sail 3m²
    The standard sail for the Blokart. Will cover a wide wind range and is the perfect allround size.
    839,00 € *
  • Prism Zenith 7
    Prism Kites
    Prism Zenith 7
    The Zenith 7 is the perfect way to mark your spot in the great outdoors. It likes beaches, parks, mountain tops, and wide open spaces, with a high-tech look that loves to be seen anywhere there’s a breeze.
    84,90 € *
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