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  • HQ-Kitebag
    Invento HQ
    Robust and convenient kite bag that holds 10 to 15 kites. With extra inside pockets.
    from 25,90 € *
  • Safety System (Hand Leash)
    Safety system for two line controlbars or handlebars (e.g. Fluxx) for safely land the kite in extreme situations.
    7,90 € *
  • Roto
    Invento HQ
    The Roto kite rotates around its axis while in flight, creating a conspicuous kinetic display.
    59,90 € *
  • Stand-Off holder 2,5mm screwable
    The Stand-Off holder is for the sail side of the kite. It will be fixed with a backplate and screw. You can´t loose it!
    0,70 € *
  • Yukon II Ice
    Invento HQ
    Yukon II Ice
    The new “Yukon II” is ready to fly in the wake of its legendary predecessor. Faster, more precise and agile than the prior model, with a larger wind range and better response – the Yukon II makes learning to fly a sport kite a fun experience.
    79,90 € *
  • Ignition Chicken Loop
    HQ Powerkites
    Ignition Chicken Loop
    The Chicken loop is streamline and ridgid so it behaves well while unhooked, as it fits securely into the bar.
    119,90 € *
  • HQ4 One-Bar
    Our new HQ4 „ONE“ Bar is the universal tool for your kite. Besides our tube kites, it can be used with any of our Depower kites in the HQ Powerkites range.
    360,00 € *
  • HQ split nock
    Split nocks are attached to the end of a rod, so you can mount a bridle or rubber to the end of the rod.
    0,30 € *
  • HQ clamp split nock
    These split nocks of HQ have a clamp, which you can use to tighten the sail at the end of a rod.
    from 0,30 € *
  • Kap Foil 5.0
    Invento HQ
    Kap Foil 5.0
    The KAP Foils developed by German kite enthusiast Ralf Beutnagel are reliable and very stable lifter kites for a camera rig. These brilliant kites have impressed many Kite Aerial Photographers by their flight characteristics.
    299,00 € *
  • HQ Neopren-Straps
    Invento HQ
    HQ Neopren-Straps
    Neopren padded straps made of 25mm webbing. Perfect for kites with only low pull. Price for pair.
    10,90 € *
  • Power Sled L 3.0
    Invento HQ
    Power Sled L 3.0
    Our Power Sleds are nearly unbreakable, require no assembly and offer a lot of fun. These elegant and extremely efficient kites are known as stable flyers in moderate to strong winds.
    109,00 € *
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