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Buy your own christmas present!

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  • Octopus Kite 8m
    Our Octopus is not only looking very beautiful, it flies absolutely perfect, too! With a length of 8m it is not small but is is perfect for beginners. The Octopus flies on it´s own, no need for a lifter kite!
    59,00 € *
  • Barbara Meyer Box Genki Kite
    The Genki kite is well known for it´s superd flying behavior in light winds, a box kite is known for very good stability. The Barbara Meyer Box Genki offers you both!
    299,00 € *
  • Mesh spinning tube
    Absolutely beautiful and extravagant piece of line laundry! The mesh spinner is a real eye catcher due to it´s unique design!
    75,00 € *
  • Symphony Beach III 1.3 "Rømø"
    Exclusive at Metropolis Drachen: The well known Symphony Beach in holiday-design! A must have for all Denmark and Rømø lovers! Of course this kite is flying as perfect as the normal Symphony in rainbow design!
    29,90 € *
  • Roto Limited Edition
    The Roto kite rotates around its axis while in flight, creating a conspicuous kinetic display.
    39,90 € *
  • Transition tail 24ft
    The kite tail from Gomberg Kites not only looks good, it is a useful helper to stabilize single line kites.
    19,90 € *
  • Small Jellyfish
    The small jellyfish kites are an absolute eyecatcher on the beach. They are not to big, so they are also perfect for beginners. The jellyfish kites doesn´t need a lifter kite!
    75,00 € *
  • Large Enif
    Into the Wind
    Large Enif
    With its taut sail and crisp graphic, this beautiful star kite is a lively flier that dances in the sky. Designed by Italian kitemaker Maurizio Angeletti, the flat sail makes it responsive to line control while the long tail makes it a well-behaved flier.
    69,00 € *
  • Cloud Bird
    Into the Wind
    Cloud Bird
    The Bird of Paradise is an eye-catcher in the sky and was also designed by George Peters. The smaller variant of Skybird.
    199,00 € *
  • 12ft. Highlighter Delta without tails
    With impressive size and pull, our 12-ft Highlighter Delta is perfect for fliers seeking a lifter that’s also great for casual flying.
    169,00 € *
  • Flying heart
    Frameless softkite heart, which can be flow as single kite or as line laundry in a lifter kite
    39,90 € *
  • Fritz the Frog
    Fritz the Frog
    Kissed awake! Or - who says that a frog can´t fly? The frog is complete without frame.
    55,00 € *
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