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Blokart beach sailers & accessories

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  • Blokart mastcrane
    The Mastcrane is mounted at the mast top. The sail then hangs on the mastcrane and is able to rotate freely in comparison to the standard mount.
    77,00 € *
  • Blokart ratched block
    Block with ratched function. You don´t have to pull your sheet line all the time because of the ratched.
    109,00 € *
  • Blokart Windicator
    Click the windindicator on the mast and you will always be the first to know where the wind comes from.
    39,00 € *
  • Blokart mast protector foil set
    Will protect your mast segments against chipping , abrasion and fraying.
    80,00 € *
  • Blokart Ultra Downhaul
    This downhaul gives you the opportunity to easily adjust the tension of your sail when you are racin
    177,00 € *
  • Blokart disc brake
    Stop!...You can now. The blokart disc brake has been developed to assist slowing and stopping. Ideal for when you are sharing a parkinglot with vehicles.
    143,00 € *
  • Ice skates
    Ice skates
    The ultimate accessory for when lakes freeze solid. Laser cut from stainless steel with a precision ground edge, the blades will take you there faster.
    1.099,00 € *
  • Blokart Shadow Pro
    Extends your Blokart classic, sport or pro to a dynamic 2-seater in minutes! Experience the fun of Blokart and share it with your friends or family.
    1.140,00 € *
  • Blokart Pod
    Blokart Pod
    The accessory for the racing fanatics. Put this on your kart and it will be more aerodynamic and protects you against rain.
    645,00 € *
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