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Dragonboard Longrider


The Longrider has a long deck with glassfiber reinforcement and adjustable truck axles. It is perfect for cruisers, also at high speeds.

Item #: 5140013

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

Depending on the steering adjustment the board is adjustable for extrem close radii or for very long straight routs and high speeds.

The new ratchet binding offers optimal power transmission through the wide pad-surface of the footstrap.
A very quick adjustment of the desired position.

  • 102 cm long deposit glued, plastic coated wood deck with  fiber glass amplification 
  • screws for the axle and rims are off stainless steal
  • very stable hardened steel axle with 12 mm axle caliber 
  • wheels hight: 23 cm 
  • wheels width: 6,5 cm   
  • weight: 9 kg
  • The new  rubber block combined wiht hairspring gives an soft steering attitude . The hardness adjustment of the steering is stepless adjustable by 2 adjusting screws.
Deck length 101 cm
Weigth 7,7 kg
Wheel height 23 cm

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Product name: Dragonboard Longrider, Order number: 5140013

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