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  • Lizard Sandimal
    Into the Wind
    Lizard Sandimal
    The Sandimal is perfect to secure single line kites on the beach and it offers a really unique and fantastic design. But be aware! If you put to much load on the Sandimal it will begin to crouch over the beach like a real lizard.
    39,90 € *
  • Flying Spider
    Into the Wind
    Flying Spider
    It beckons curious onlookers for a closer look as it playfully dances in the wind. With its 3-D body and eight long legs, this harmless arachnid is enticing and sure to make everyone smile.
    69,00 € *

Our news 2018!

News 2018


Build the heart kite!

New in our assortment:

  • BadAss
    Level One Kites
    The BadAss is a new freestyle kite from Level One. The flying behavior is well natured and the BadAss is perfect for beginners and also experienced kite fliers.
    195,00 € *
  • Dragonfly Tropic
    Into the Wind
    Dragonfly Tropic
    George Peters Dragonfly has wings that flutter and a stable, hovering flight. Remarkably insect-like in the air, it’s a gentle flier that floats in light winds.
    115,00 € *
  • Tadpole 2m
    The Tadpole Kites are excellent fliers just as the Trilobite kites. They are very easy to handle, so everybody can fly this kite. Due to the spinnaker nylon fabric the Tadpole´s are flying very good even at lighter wind.
    75,00 € *
  • Piranha
    The Piranha is not only a line laundry, it is a perfect tool to stabilize kites. The Piranha will add some drag where you need it.
    39,90 € *
  • Ladybug 2
    The Ladybug Kites are excellent fliers just as the Tadpole kites. They are very easy to handle, so everybody can fly this kite. Due to the spinnaker nylon fabric the Ladybug´s are flying very good even at lighter wind.
    55,00 € *
  • Vertical Visuals' Malay Sunset
    A responsive and playful kite that beginning and experienced fliers both enjoy, Vertical Visuals' Malay is so stable that it doesn't need a tail.
    59,00 € *
  • Moth Delta
    Into the Wind
    Moth Delta
    Inspired by the shape of Hawk Moths, this unique delta design flies at high angles and pulls lightly on the line for such a large kite. A real beauty in the air, it’s a great light-wind flyer that’s quick to assemble.
    99,00 € *
  • Sweet 16 Delta Dark Energy
    Very huge Delta from Into the Wind. An absolute eyecatcher. Made for light wind, carrys line laundry.
    329,00 € *

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