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Absolute brilliant videos from and about kites. Ralf Dietrich has brought this Youtube Channel to life and offers a lot of information, reviews and visits of kite festivals as videos.


Information about accommodation and much more on the Danish North Sea island of Romo you gain here. Also in German.


Maybe the biggest site of the internet which offers plans for kite building. Everyone should be able to find ideas to build, no matter if it is a single, two or even more line kite.


Lern to drive a Blokart with a professional instructor, make a gift of a driving course or just rent a Blokart. Driving a Blokart is fun and makeable for everyone.


Interesting site for buggy drivers. Here you will gain as well as important information on the introduction of the buggy license, where you need it, as you receive them, or what it costs. Furthermore, this dates, rules, race results are presented and much more. A visit is worthwhile.


Wind data, wind forecasts from all regions. Transform your phone into a mobile weather station


Wanted has Passionate as kite builders and fliers are frequently irritated when Carsten information he needed to hang or have (be it architectural or background information). This led to the idea of ​​all the list in his possession blueprints and other information, etc. with locality, site.


Homepage with lots of tips, tricks and information for our Danish kite friends.


Click here to check out the Youtube Channel of Jim Nicholls. He makes excellent videos of single-line kites and line laundry and put them to the test! An absolutely worthwhile visit!