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Spinnaker „Mirai“

The spinnaker nylon from Miarai. The fabric is single sided PU-coated, has a very smooth surface and a weight of 48 gr. / sqm.
The usable width of the fabric is approx. 150cm. Delivery in up to 21 colors

Technical data:

Type of nylon: 40D
Coating: Single sided Polyurethane
Weight (g/m2): 48
Roll width (m): 1.50
Yarn (Dtex): Warp 44 / Fill 44
Tear strength (kg): Warp 2.3 / Fill 2.4
Breaking strength: (kg / 5cm) Warp 49 / Fill 46
Breaking elongation (% / 5cm): Warp 36 / Fill 36
Air permeability (cc / cm2 / sec) 0.1

Scale price!!!

- Orders up to 50m = 8,90 € / p.m.
- Orders from 50m and more= 8,30 € / p.m.

The colours for the scale price can be mixed up.

Weigth 48g / sqm
Material Nylon
Usable width 150cm

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