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Peter Lynn Compression Bag

Peter Lynn Kites

Simple quiver bag made from sturdy fabric with stitched on Wolkenstürmer logo. Perfect as replacement for single kites.

Item #: 408011x
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Too many kites and too little space? Then you need a compression bag!
The compression bags by Peter Lynn are sturdy and make sure you're neat
save space.
The bags are equipped with sturdy straps and buckles, the bag material is also very stable
and high quality.

In 4 sizes:
"mini" - perfect for mini kites or 2m pilot kites,
Ø approxx. 20cm, height approxx. 30cm (uncompressed)
"midi" - perfect for all Midi kites of Lynn
, Ø approxx. 40cm, height approxx. 50cm (uncompressed)
"midi XL" - ideal e.g. for a 12m whale shark,
Ø approxx. 45cm, height approxx. 60cm (uncompressed)
"3/4" - huge compression bag, perfect for travel
, Ø approxx. 45cm, height approxx. 90cm (uncompressed)

The 3/4 compression bag is also ideal for air travel on which luggage is limited to 23kg / 50lb.
In addition, there is a zip pocket for flying line or pilot kite on this compression back.

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