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Simple mounting on the ground with a line. The ladybug will be blown up and formed through integrated air intake valves.

Item #: 3200111
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  • 17,30 €
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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

Simple mounting on the ground with a line.
The ladybug will be blown up and formed through integrated air intake valves.
 6 little weigths in the feet are settling the ladybug to the ground, at more wind the ladybug will bouncing around.

Delivery incl. Ground stake (fig.)

Price range:

1 or 2 Ladybugs 17,90 € / piece
3 or 4 Ladybugs 17,30 € / piece
5 or more Ladybugs 16,20 € / piece

Diameter 55 cm
Heigth 32 cm

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Product name: Ladybugs, Order number: 3200111

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