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Christmas Gifts

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  • Tomboy
    Tomboy is a well designed, everyday kite. It launches very easy!
    85,00 € *
  • Delta rainbow 3m
    Invento HQ
    Delta rainbow 3m
    Classic delta kite from Invento HQ in rainbow design. It flies already at low winds and is an real eye catcher everytime you have it in the sky.
    64,90 € *
  • Panda Pilot
    The panda is a great, little lifter with a beautiful design. The long tail stabilizes the panda and thanks to the ripstop nylon fabric, the panda flies even when there is low wind.
    95,00 € *
  • Flying Floyd
    Invento HQ
    Flying Floyd
    Grace the sky with our selection of delightful creature shaped kites. Realistic or whimsical, these colourful kites are easy to fly and simple to assemble.
    24,90 € *
  • HQ Symphony Pro 1.3
    Invento HQ
    HQ Symphony Pro 1.3
    The Symphony Pro generation for high demands. Uncompromisingly revised in terms of flight performance, material and accessories.
    59,90 € *
  • Manta Kite
    Invento HQ
    Manta Kite
    The Manta Kite is a light wind flyer based on an idea by Ralf Dietrich. The printed tribal design by Rainer Kuhlmann gives this impressive light wind kite a cool and modern look.
    99,90 € *
  • Large Power Sled 24
    Premier Kites
    Large Power Sled 24
    The large power sled from Premier Kites is a perfect lifting kite for small to medium sized line laundry.
    84,90 € *
  • Exhibition Single Golds
    Robert Brasington’s spectacular Exhibition Single can turn an occasion into an event. This kite is an original kite from the well known kite designer Robert Brasington.
    159,00 € *
  • Train Silvers 3 Pack
    Robert Brasington’s spectacular trains can turn an occasion into an event. This kite is an original kite from the well known kite designer Robert Brasington.
    349,00 € *
  • Eddy Unicorn
    Invento HQ
    Eddy Unicorn
    The Eddy from Invento HQ offers you the most classic kite form. You can get the Invento HQ Eddy in different designs.
    17,90 € *
  • Shade
    Invento HQ
    Light wind is home for the new Shade. Designed for performance flying, the Shade provides optimal feedback to the pilot even with very little wind.
    129,90 € *
  • Cross Boarder 2.1
    Cross Boarder 2.1
    The Cross Boarder is a very affordable trainerkite, both for starting kitesurfers and for anyone else who enjoys the ease of controlling a kite with a bar.
    89,90 € *
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