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Libre beach sailers & accessories

  • Micro Competition
    LIBRE extends the beach sailer program with the new Micro Competition LIBRE presents a new beach sailer especially for the competition pilot of the Mini Class 560. The new sailor is uncompromisingly designed for racing.
    from 4.600,00 € *
  • Micro Race Pro
    We offer the ”Pro” version of Micro Race for regatta-ambitious pilots. This version is identical to the Micro Race but all regatta required components are included in the scope of supply.
    from 3.270,00 € *
  • Relax
    Cruising down the beach towards the sunset – that is the Relax. Even if the Relax is very easy going and smooth it still brings some race-genes along the way!
    from 3.160,00 € *
  • Micro Race
    Micro Race
    This sand yacht was especially built for the new class of Mini Yachts. Its first title was World Champion! Many international championship titles proved the brilliant construction of this sand yacht even more.
    from 2.830,00 € *
  • Fun Glider
    Fun Glider
    The FunGlider is a light crafted hybrid-landyacht which combines landyachting and kitebuggying perfectly.
    from 1.890,00 € *
  • Fun Glider Sail
    Fun Glider sails are made of high-quality laminated cloth produced by German manufacturer Polyant.
    from 430,00 € *
  • Beach Runner Sail
    BeachRunner sails are made of high-quality laminated cloth produced by German manufacturer Polyant.
    from 370,00 € *
  • Neck pillow blue
    Perfect accessorie for your Micro Race! You can drive hours and hours without getting tired. The neck pillow is holding your head, so you get a better front view without stressing your neck.
    39,90 € *
  • Spare part kit Micro Race
    Screw torn off? Bolt firmly? Annoying! Such a thing can make the whole holiday worse. With our spare parts kit for the Micro Race, you'll be fine, because it contains all the important screws and a spare steering rubber.
    29,00 € *
  • Liros sheet line 10mm
    High quality sheet line from Liros. Perfect for equipping or replacement on beach sailers.
    3,50 € * 1 m | 3,50 €/m