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The alternative to kite buggy! Only 27kg and very compact packing size! Very fast to assemble und a sturdy quality guarantees absolute driving fun!

Pro. 3.0+4.0m² Sail
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Item #: 5610025

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The Blokart is usable on nearly any terrain, because it is small, compact and very good maneuverable.

With only 27kg weight and it´s compact packing size you can transport the Blokart in you car, boat or trailer very easy.

You can assemble the Blokart within 10 minutes without any tools.

Simply genius in quality, design, stability and safety!

Delivery incl. sail and fiberglass mast, if you order a set with more than one sail it includes also
an additional 3rd fiberglass mast piece

 Very small packing size

Sturdy transport bag
 Easy transport of disassembled Blokart, simply use it like a trolley.

Only connect wheels and pull.
4 different sail colours::
black, blue, orange or red
Chassis: stainless steel  

Sail size depending on wind speeds and body weight

 Wind speed
Body weight       
30 kg5.
40 kg5.
50 kg5.
60 kg5.
70 kg5.
80 kg5.
90 kg5.
100+ kgx5.

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