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Mirage XL


Due to it´s bigger size the Mirage XL from Elliot gives you more power than the standard Mirage.

black/grey/rainbow, Ready to fly
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Item #: 60055-1

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

A top-class power kite!
Who think´s that the Mirage XL is only a bigger sized Mirage is wrong.
The Mirage XL is optimized and further developed than the standard Mirage.

Breath-taking and with the force of an bull!

Wing span: 310 cm
Wind range: 2 - 6 Bft.
Frame: carbon fiber-tubes
Ready to fly
Rods / Tubes Carbon 8 + 10 mm
Heigth 110 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes
Wingspan 310 cm
Wind range 2 – 6 bft

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Product name: Mirage XL, Order number: 60055-1

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