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1-2-Seven Cool

Colours in Motion

The 1-2-Seven from Colours in Motion is an entry level kite of the 1st league! Super sturdy and a huge wind range from 1 to 7 Bft. A real highlight!

Item #: 2802032
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar!

The 1-2-seven is a small multitalent. With it´s huge wind range the 1-2-seven is an absolute exception in the stunt kiting range. No matter if you only have a light breeze or you have strong wind - the 1-2-seven is your faithful companion. With it´s small size the kite can also be handled by children age 8+.

Due to the lightweight construction the 1-2-seven can be startet at only 1 Bft. but because the kite has only a small size you can also handle it at 7 Bft.
Hint: the 25kg flying lines included are only recommended up to 4 Bft. If you want to fly the kite in higher wind speeds, we recommend a better line set.

Size: 104 x 52cm
Included line set: 2x20m / 25 daN polyester line with webbing straps
Frame: 3mm carbon rods
Sail: sturdy Nylon
Wind range: 1-7 Bft.
Age 8+

Rods / Tubes Carbon fibre rod 3 mm
Heigth 52 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes, 25 kp 2x20 with hand straps
Wingspan 104 cm
Wind range 1 – 7 bft

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Article: 1-2-Seven Cool, Article Number: 2802032

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