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Peter Lynn Patchwork Manta Ray "midi" blue

The original Peter Lynn Lifter Kite! Very stable flying lifter kite, flies also at low wind!

Item #: 2311401

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No need to say many word according to the Peter Lynn Manta Ray: it is a real classic kite,
which can be found on nearly every kite festival!
You can use this beautiful kite "stand-alone" or use it as lifter for your line laundry.
The Manta flies also very good at lower winds!

Size approx 5 x 15m
Made from high quality RipStop-Nylon!
Wind range 2...5 Bft.

Size approx 5 x 15m
Wind range 2 to 5 Bft.

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Article: Peter Lynn Patchwork Manta Ray "midi" blue, Article Number: 2311401

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