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Invento HQ

The bat from invento HQ for our smallest children. Flies very stable due to the included windsock.

Item #: 2403071
This item is currently not available.

These awesome flying creatures will help to lift your sales up in the sky. Perfectly handmade designs, outstandig quality and extremly beautiful. You will see them fly out of your store.

Width: 110 cm / 43"
Hight: 47 cm / 19"
Sail: Polyester
Frame: Fibreglass 2+3mm
incl. Line: Polyester 25 kp / 55 lb., 50 m / 165 ft. on handle
Wind (Bft.): 1,5-4 (6-28 km/h, 4-18 mph)
Age: + 5

Rods / Tubes Fibreglass
Size 110 x 47 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes
Wind range 1,5 – 4 bft

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Product name: Bat, Order number: 2403071

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