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Delta Rudi M

Colours in Motion

The Delta Rudy flies at very low winds due to it´s huge sail area in comparison with it´s low weigth. You can get this kite in 2 different sizes.

Item #: 2401021
This item is currently not available.

The Delta Rudi black is a kite variant which reminds to a raven. It is easy to fly and you have to assembly only one strut to get the kite in the sky.
Like all deltas the Rudi will also fly at low wind due to the huge sail are in comparison with weigth.

Dimensions: 135cm x 75cm
Flying line: 40m polyester on spool
Frame: Fiberglass
Sail: sturdy polyester
Wind range: 1 to 6 Bft.
Suitable for children 6+

Rods / Tubes Fibreglass
Size 135 x 75 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes
Wind range 1 – 6 bft

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