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Paraflex 2.3 Trainer


The Paraflex 2.3 is a trainer kite with good pull and very easy handling! The bridle of the Paraflex 2.3 trainer also allows the use of 4-line kite handles.

Item #: 2605051

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The Paraflex 2.3 is constructed as 4-line kite and equipped with 3-line bar to use the kite as sturdy trainer kite. With the kite bar the kite is functional as all 3-line trainer kites. Simple flying, easy startung and landing and, of course, the safety function. With optional available 4-line kite handles you can also use the Paraflex trainer kites as usual 4-line kite. With this option you have a really cool sport device which you can use for kite land bords or kite buggys as well.

Wingspan 230cm
Wind range: 2 to 6 Bft.
Ready to fly with control bar and line set!
Size 230 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes, 3x20m / Trainer controlbar
Wind range 2 – 6 Bft

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Product name: Paraflex 2.3 Trainer, Order number: 2605051

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