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Wasabi 2.0


Fast like an arrow, extreme agility and a pleasant pull on the flying line. This is the perfect description for the Wasabi kite!

Item #: 2508021

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 Fast like an arrow, extreme agility and a pleasant pull on the flying line.

This is the perfect description for the Wasabi kite!

It is easy to launch, the acceleration is reproducable and the kite is fully controlable over the whole wind window.

• A kite for all occasions
• air intake openings stabilized with gauze
•clean molded profiles contributes an aerodynamically efficient wing
• drainage and dirt outs at the trailing edge

The kite is ready to fly with high quality dyneema lines, wrist straps and comes in an sturdy bag

Size: 2.0
Wind range: 2 - 6 Bft
Ready to Fly with line and hand straps

Size 2.0 m
Ready-to-Fly Yes, 2x25m / Hand straps
Wind range 2 – 6 Bft

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Article: Wasabi 2.0, Article Number: 2508021

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