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Fiberglass rod wounded

Solid, full wound fiberglass rods for stand-offs or battens. More flexible than carbon fiber.

1,6 x 2000mm
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Item #: 11205

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

Caution! To connect these rods please use aluminium shells. The offered brass connectors don´t fit to this rods!

Glassfiber is also abbreviated with GFK.
It is very flexible in small diameters and is very suitable for Stand-Offs. In relation to full carbon fiber rods fiberglass is heavier.
Due to the additional winding on these rods is no danger that they break open lengthwise if they are under stress.

Length 1000 or 2000mm
Material Glass fiber
Tube-/Rod Diameter 1,2 to 4mm

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Product name: Fiberglass rod wounded, Order number: 11205

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