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Fiberglass rod smooth surface

Solid fiberglass, flexible and robust. Ideal for e.g. single line kites or simple stuntkites. Bit heavier than carbon fiber.

5mm x 2000mm, black
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Item #: 1024052

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

Caution! To connect these rods please use aluminium shells. The offered brass connectors don´t fit to this rods!

Smooth fiberglass rods as solid material.
Find most application in simple kite, for example discounter kites with 5mm rods.
These rods are very flexible. Compared to carbon fiber heavier and more flexible.

Manufacturing tolerance inside / outside diameter +/- 0.2mm

Length 1500 or 2000mm
Material Glass fiber
Tube-/Rod Diameter 2 to 10mm

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Product name: Fiberglass rod smooth surface, Order number: 1024052

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