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  • Common order conditions
    Availability / delivery time, minimum order amount, prices, shipping costs
  • The cart
    Filling the cart, check order, change order, place order
  • Place an order
    Step 1 - Go to cart, Step 2 - Choose adress, Step 3 - shipping & payment, Schritt 4 - check and place order
  • Order confirmation
    Automatic order confirmation
  • Delivery and returns
    Delivery inside and outside Germany, delivery adresses, returns, right of withdrawal
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Our products

Product groups

For better overview we have sorted our items / products into different categories. You can open the categories by clicking into the upper navigation menu. If you want to choose a specific category simply click on the name of the category. Your choosen category will be shown in the main area of the website.

Product pages

On our product pages you can get an overview of our offered items, and you can sort the items to your personal belongings.

Product detail pages

For more informations simply click the thumbnail picture or title of the item. A new page will open and offer you more informations and pictures of the specific item. You are also able to put items in your cart with the "to cart" button. If there are product options for this item available, you have to choose an option first to enable the "to cart" button.

New products

New products are presented on the start page and in our news section. Of course you will also get an information if you have subscribed to our newsletter.


You don´t find what you are looking for? Try our search box!

The search function

You can find our search function in the right corner on top of the page. Simply put your keyword (e.g. stopper clip) into the white field and click on the magnifying glass symbol. The search function will crawl our site for your keyword then. The results of your search will be shown on a new page.

The result page

To pick a search result simply click on it´s picture or title. If the hit list is too long or too short try different keywords. For example use "fast kites" instead of "kites".

Common order conditions

Product availability / delivery times

We are always strained to get delivery times short. Normally the items has a delivery time from 1 to 7 days (after payment). Most products of our website are on stock and are available very fast.
Some of our products are no mainstream items and for this items it can take a while to get them. If the items are not available anymore or the delivery time takes very long we will inform you about the time it will take to get your item.

Minimum order amount

We don´t have a minimum order amount


All prices in our onlineshop are including German VAT and if not statet otherwise plus shipping costs and additional COD fees. Under certain circumstances occurring errors in pricing, quantity or delivery are reserved.

Shipping costs

Germany: The shipping costs are 6,90 € incl. VAT for every order. If the order amount is 150,00 € or more there are no shipping costs.
If there are items in the cart, which are longer than 120cm, we will calculate a bulky goods fee of 3,00 EUR incl. VAT. This fee is idenpendet of the total order amount.

Foreign countries: Shipping costs are calculated through order amount and destination of delivery. You can view our list with shipping costs on our page "Payment and dispatch"

Payment methods

You can find a full list with possible payment methods on our page "Terms of payment".

The cart

Fill the cart

You can fill the cart with products at every time and browse through our items again. You can call the cart at any time, make corrections, cancel products or place your order. The placement of items / products into the cart is not seen as order. If you want to order you have to follow the steps in the checkout process.

If you want to place a product in the cart you can do this on the product detail page. Write the amount you want into the amount field (Pre-filled amount is 1), choose product options if available and click on the "to cart" button.

The new status of the cart is shown in the top right corner. Here you will get an information of the amount of placed items in the cart, independent from your just visited page.

View cart, make changes, place order or cancel items

If you want to check your placed products, make changes or remove items, simply click on the cart symbol at the top right corner.

The cart will open in the middle of the page. Here you can proceed with your order (if you click on "adress" or "continue to next step", change your amounts (put a new number into the amount field and click on "update" below) or delete a product (change the amount to 0 or use the checkboxes at the left and click on "remove").


Step 1 - Go to the cart

Call you shopping cart and check your placed products. If everything is allright click on "adress" in the upper navigation or on "continue with next step" below the cart.

Step 2 - Choose adress

You now have 3 options:
1) Place an order as guest without registration - Click on next and you will get to a new page where you can fill in your adress. You are also able th select a different delivery adress there.

2) Place an order and register a new account - Click on next and you will get to a new page where you can fill in your e-mail adress and choose a password for your new account. You can also fill in your adress and an optional delivery adress there. With a customer account you don´t have to fill in you adress every time you order and you have also acces to your order history.

3) Place an order using an existing account - Fill in your username and password an click on Log in. Your adress data will be filled in automatically with the data corresponding to your account then.

If you are ready click on "pay" in the upper navigation or "continue to next step" below.

Step 3 - Shipping & payment

If there are more than one shipping services available you can choose between them. Our standard shipping service provider is GLS.

Please choose an payment method according to our "Terms of payment".

After that click on "order" in the top navigation or "continue to next step".

Step 4 - Order

In this step all your adress data, shipping methods, payment methods and your cart is shown again, so that you can check again if everything is correct. If everything is fine click on the "order now" button below to place your order.
If you see an error after clicking on "order now" e.g. false amount or wrong product please let us know. We can correct your order then.

Order confirmation

Automatic order confirmation

After you have placed your order, you will get an automatic order confirmation from our system. In this mail you can also see all your filled in data and products you have ordered. If you see an error e.g. wrong amount / wrong item please send us a notice immediately so we have the chance to correct it. This automatic mail is not a binding order confirmation.

If you are using an email account at a free mail provider e.g. freenet, gmx or, it can happen that the automatic mail will be sorted out by the spam function of this providers. Please check your spam folder if you don´t get the automatic order confirmation.

Delivery and returns

Delivery time and processing

We are always strained to get delivery times short. Normally the items has a delivery time from 1 to 7 days (after payment). Most products of our website are on stock and are available very fast.
Some of our products are no mainstream items and for this items it can take a while to get them. If the items are not available anymore or the delivery time takes very long we will inform you about the time it will take to get your item.

Shipping will be done with our service provider GLS. Please note that this provider only delivers only from monday to friday. The delivery times is 1 to 5 days, according to the destination country.

Delivery adress

You have the opportunity to use a different delivery adress for your order. A change or correction of this adress is not possible after the shipment has left our shop. Please be so kind and check your delivery adress in the order confirmation mail. If you see an error please send us a notice immediately.

Returns: Right of withdrawal

Of course you have a right of revocation by law, you can find all details on our page "Revocation right / revocation form"

Inside Germany: If you have bigger sized returns we can help you to organize a shipping service, that will pick up the items at your home.

Newsletter subscrition

Metropolis-Drachen Newsletter

With our newsletter we can inform you fast and exclusive about new products, offers and promotions at Metropolis-Drachen.

The newsletter will not send out regulary, it depends on new products, promotions or special offers.

Of course it is possible to unsubscribe from our newsletter at every time. You can do this via the provided link in every newsletter, via the unsubscribe button on the webpage or via an email to us.If you write us a simple mail, please let us know which e-mail adress is yours, so we can unsubscribe you.


You can subscribe to our newsletter with the newsletter form provided from our shop. You will get to it by clicking on "newsletter" at the bottom of the page. Fill in the form, choose the radio buttun "subscribe" and submit the form. After subscribing you will get a mail where you have to confirm your subscription with a link. This is to protect your e-mail adress from misuse.


If you don´t want to get the newsletter anymore you have several ways to do this.

A: Click on "newsletter" at the bottom of the page. Fill in you e-mail adress, mark the checkbox unsubscribe and submit the form.

B: Log in and change to your account. At newsletter settings you are able to toggle the newsletter on and off.

C: Klick on the link, which we will provide at the end of every newsletter. With this link you will be unsubscribed from our newsletter.

D: Send us a simple mail with your e-mail adress that you want to unsubscribe and we will do this for you.