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  • Wolkenstürmer split nock
    Wolkenstürmer split nock
    Split nocks are attached to the end of a rod, so you can mount a bridle or rubber to the end of the rod.
    0,40 € *
  • Spinnaker „Schikarex“
    Spinnaker „Schikarex“
    Spinnaker nylon, weight of approx. 48 gr./sqm., usable width 148cm, up to 23 colors, scale price!!!
    9,90 € * 1.48 m² | 6,69 €/m²
  • Fritz the Frog XL
    Fritz the Frog XL
    Kissed awake! Or - who says that a frog can´t fly? The frog is complete without frame.
    189,00 € *
  • Delta black & white
    Delta black & white
    Our new black and white striped delta is an elegant flier in the sky. With a size of 3 meters, this delta kite don´t need much wind to get in the air.
    69,90 € *
  • Parasled 3.9 red
    Parasled 3.9 red
    Our powerful Parasleds are not only beautiful to look at, they have also enough power: Small and bigger line laundry will be lifted up in the sky.
    115,00 € *
  • "Papagei" Parrot
    "Papagei" Parrot
    The Papagei from Wolkenstürmer is a rich coloured kite. It has only little pull and is easy to fly. So it is a perfect kite for kids!
    16,90 € *
  • Paraflex Sport 2.3
    Paraflex Sport 2.3
    Power kite with 230cm wing span from Wolkenstürmer<br>Very sturdy and good pull!
    89,90 € *
  • Paraflex 2.3 Trainer
    Paraflex 2.3 Trainer
    The Paraflex 2.3 is a trainer kite with good pull and very easy handling! The bridle of the Paraflex 2.3 trainer also allows the use of 4-line kite handles.
    124,50 € *
  • Paraflex Quad
    Paraflex Quad
    The Paraflex 4-line kite is a perfect entry for quad line kiting. The 4-line handle grips are allowing direct control and all maneuvers in the air.
    from 129,00 € *
  • Electra
    The new Electra has now more power. Aspect ratio, bridle and kite profile marking the kite as high performance kite, but the handling of the kite is still easy.
    from 289,00 € *
  • Flame
    Small entry level kite. Simple to handle and easy to start. With the pre-attached lines and only low pull the Flame is a perfect kite for kids.
    24,50 € *
  • Fancy
    Small entry level kite. Simple to handle and easy to start. The Fancy is a colourful kite for kids.
    19,90 € *
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