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  • Blokart pulley whip single
    Pulley whip without spring button and pulley. You have to turn them over from your old part.
    35,00 € *
  • Blokart pulley whip complete
    Pulley whip complete with spring button and pulley.
    63,00 € *
  • Blokart mastparts carbon
    Used as spare parts for your mast or to expand the mast for bigger sails.
    from 140,00 € *
  • Gauze
    Fine-mesh fabric, like mosquito nets. Gauze is ideal to reduce the kites power by opening the sail with gauze. Also gauze is used in the sail of Revolution kites. width 150cm, black or white
    7,50 € * 1.5 m² | 4,60 €/m²
  • 4D
    Prism Kites
    Anywhere, anytime, the 4-D makes stunt kiting a blast when nothing else will fly. Its 58” wingspan makes small spaces big so you can fly in tight quarters with ease.
    125,00 € *
  • Neutrino
    Prism Kites
    There’s a new little speed demon on this side of the galaxy! The all-new Neutrino is super quick and super responsive – a twitch of the fingertip is all it takes for radically fast loops and spins as it rips through the sky. Price not fixed yet!
    69,90 € *
  • Blokart Combo mast for sail 5.5m²
    Complete mast mixed out of carbon and fiberglass for the 5.5m² sail. The combination of the two materials will make the mast stiffer and give more strenghtness to the important segments.
    1.090,00 € *
  • Blokart Pod
    Blokart Pod
    The accessory for the racing fanatics. Put this on your kart and it will be more aerodynamic and protects you against rain.
    675,00 € *
  • Blokart Carbon mast for sail 3.0m²
    Complete carbon mast for the 3.0m² sail. Stiffer and more powerful than the fiberglass mast.
    785,00 € *
  • Jazz 2.0
    Prism Kites
    Jazz 2.0
    With fresh new graphics and a sweet new case design, we’ve made our most affordable beginner sport kite even more fun to fly.
    69,00 € *
  • Blokart Fibreglass mast for sail 3.0m²
    Complete fiberglass mast for your 3m² sail.
    575,00 € *
  • Ice skates
    Ice skates
    The ultimate accessory for when lakes freeze solid. Laser cut from stainless steel with a precision ground edge, the blades will take you there faster.
    1.155,00 € *
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