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  • Blokart Ultra Downhaul
    This downhaul gives you the opportunity to easily adjust the tension of your sail when you are racin
    177,00 € *
  • Zephyr Inferno
    Prism Kites
    Zephyr Inferno
    The Zephyr is designed for pilots who appreciate the finesse of flying in lighter winds and the subtler finger and wrist control it requires.
    249,00 € *
  • Blokart Carbon mast for sail 4.0m²
    Complete carbon mast for the 4.0m² sail. Stiffer and more powerful than the fiberglass mast.
    790,00 € *
  • Blokart mastparts ultra carbon
    Used as spare parts for your mast or to expand the mast for bigger sails.
    from 170,00 € *
  • Prism Zenith 5
    Prism Kites
    Prism Zenith 5
    The Zenith is the next generation of our best selling, high flying 5-foot delta, with a fresh new look and a redesigned wing for extra stability on those days when the wind is gusty or turbulent.
    42,90 € *
  • Blokart ratched block
    Block with ratched function. You don´t have to pull your sheet line all the time because of the ratched.
    109,00 € *
  • Blokart Sail 3m²
    The standard sail for the Blokart. Will cover a wide wind range and is the perfect allround size.
    749,00 € *
  • Prism Zenith 7
    Prism Kites
    Prism Zenith 7
    The Zenith 7 is the perfect way to mark your spot in the great outdoors. It likes beaches, parks, mountain tops, and wide open spaces, with a high-tech look that loves to be seen anywhere there’s a breeze.
    84,90 € *
  • Blokart Windicator
    Click the windindicator on the mast and you will always be the first to know where the wind comes from.
    39,00 € *
  • Blokart Combo mast for sail 4.0m²
    Complete mast mixed out of carbon and fiberglass for the 4.0m² sail. The combination of the two materials will make the mast stiffer and give more strenghtness to the important segments.
    745,00 € *
  • Nexus
    Prism Kites
    Big enough for real-kite performance, small enough to pack in a suitcase, the Nexus is an adrenaline-filled intro to sport kiting and we know it’ll get you hooked
    from 75,90 € *
  • Quantum
    Prism Kites
    The ultimate choice for new pilots, the Quantum’s 7-foot wingspan is big enough for serious excitement and designed to make learning a snap.
    from 119,00 € *
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