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  • Fiberglass rod smooth surface
    Solid fiberglass, Lenght 2000m, Diameter 2 - 8 mm flexible and robust. Bit heavier than carbon fiber.
    from 1,80 € *
  • HQ-Clip
    Stand-off clip for the sail of the kite. The clip will be pushed though the sail, the both parts are folded together to secure the clip.
    0,60 € *
  • Power Sled L 3.0 "Metropolis"
    Our Power Sleds are nearly unbreakable, require no assembly and offer a lot of fun. These elegant and extremely efficient kites are known as stable flyers in moderate to strong winds.
    99,00 € *
  • HQ Dual Power Grips
    Invento HQ
    HQ Dual Power Grips
    Power grips for 2-line kites with rubber coating. Colour coded. Price for pair.
    13,90 € *
  • F-Box Beach rainbow
    Invento HQ
    F-Box Beach rainbow
    This interesting box kite is very versatile. Its wind range is fairly wide.
    29,90 € *
  • HQ Harness Line Fix
    HQ Powerkites
    HQ Harness Line Fix
    Simple solution to connect 2-line handlebars to a harness. With safety quick release.
    19,90 € *
  • HQ leading edge connector
    The connectors of HQ are made of durable rubber and are very sturdy. They are also pre angled.
    from 0,60 € *
  • ATB Raid Thief 9"
    Invento HQ
    ATB Raid Thief 9"
    The Thief from HQ Powerkites is a board for all who want´s more than entry level. Stable channel truck axles for every move you want to make.
    319,00 € *
  • Swivel snap hook
    Small snap hook with swivel. Perfect for untwisting flying lines which are stroed on spooles or small non-rotating windgames.
    from 0,90 € *
  • ATB Raid Assassin 8"
    The Assassin ist the top entry-level board from HQ Powerkites. Light wood-composite-deck for a good driver experience.
    229,00 € *
  • HQ-Kitebag
    Invento HQ
    Robust and convenient kite bag that holds 10 to 15 kites. With extra inside pockets.
    from 25,90 € *
  • Safety System (Hand Leash)
    Safety system for two line controlbars or handlebars (e.g. Fluxx) for safely land the kite in extreme situations.
    7,90 € *
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