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  • Peter Lynn Race Handles
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Peter Lynn Race Handles
    High quality handles, covered with comfortable and grippy foam material. Price for Pair!
    49,90 € *
  • EXEL Crossjoint
    Exel crossjoints are used to connect the lower spreader to the keel of the kite. For 4-8mm rods
    1,40 € *
  • Original Revolution Handles 13"
    These small made of stainless steel 4-Line handles are particularly well suited for 4-line rod kites e.g. Revolution. Price for pair!
    39,90 € *
  • Peter Lynn Radical Seat Harness
    The Radical seat harness Harness perfectly distributes load over the body for optimum comfort.
    99,00 € *
  • Peter Lynn bullet wheel spreader
    Stainless steel spreader with fold-up pulley. Pulley folds up, when the kite is put into the zenith.
    51,90 € *
  • Dacron 144cm width
    very hard and abrasion resistant 170gr./sqm.
    19,90 € *
  • Uniq Quad
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Uniq Quad
    The UNIQ Quad is a highly efficient and powerful 4-line kite for starters who are looking for a challenge and the more experienced flyers who are looking for a fun expansion of their lightwind quiver.
    from 159,00 € *
  • Revolution Cap
    Original endcaps for all vertical struts of Rev-Kites and the leading edge from the EXP 1.5.
    7,90 € *
  • Link spreader bar
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Link spreader bar
    Stainless steel bracket with loop, ideal for small or large Snatchblock. Through the eyelet easy and reliable release of the emergency system is ensured.
    25,50 € *
  • Standard spreader bar
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Standard spreader bar
    Stainless steel spreader with hook. Perfect for de-power systems or bars with chicken loop.
    25,50 € *
  • Skim 4.0
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Skim 4.0
    To make your first steps into kitesurfing fun, easy and challenging Peter Lynn built the Skim. The Skim is a 3-line trainerkite that can easily be relaunched even from the water.
    319,00 € *
  • Peter Lynn Magnet bar V2 (53cm incl 22m lines)
    Peter Lynn open cell depower kites are equipped with the Peter Lynn Magnet control system (complete kites only) which is optimized for use in snow, while not compromising its suitability and ease of use for any other kite activity.
    479,00 € *
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