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  • Fellow
    Invento HQ
    With the Fellow, HQ offers a calm and extremely precise kite that flies as if on rails. The Fellow provides plenty of speed control. It flies cleanly through corners and paints entire choreographies in the sky.
    149,90 € *
  • Sleddy Jolly Roger
    Invento HQ
    Sleddy Jolly Roger
    Small sled without tubes. Ideal for kids.
    13,90 € *
  • Symphony Beach III 1.3 Sport
    The next generation of the Symphony Beach series - now also available mit 2-line control bar! Designed to match the needs of beginners, this is a tough and forgiving dualline kite that is excellent value for the money.
    54,90 € *
  • Maestro III Aqua
    Invento HQ
    Maestro III Aqua
    The Maestro III may look similar to its predecessor. But it is a completely redesigned sport kite that delivers the latest in trick flying performance.
    139,90 € *
  • Flying Dinosaur
    Invento HQ
    Flying Dinosaur
    This incredible kite selection of birds and flying dinosaurs combines magnificent and realistic looking graphics with amazing flight performance.
    59,90 € *
  • Tube Tail Black & White Gradient
    Paint the sky with the HQ Tube Tails, the perfect complement for any kite. Take your flying experience to the next level. When attached to sport kites, loops, twirls, dives, circles, and figure eights will all be enhanced.
    from 16,90 € *
  • Little Arrow
    Invento HQ
    Little Arrow
    Little Arrow flies fast, really fast. While flying Little Arrow pilots can go to the limits of their response capacity. Despite his incredible maneuverability, Little Arrow flies very precisely.
    59,90 € *
  • Swinging Flower rainbow
    Beautify gardens, porches and balconies year round with our spinning wind flowers.
    19,90 € *
  • Raven Mini
    Invento HQ
    Raven Mini
    personality windgames show character. For the special taste, there are these series of high-quality windgames.
    19,90 € *
  • Billy
    Invento HQ
    Personality windgames show character. For the special taste, there are these series of high-quality windgames.
    26,90 € *
  • Simple Flyer 120 Pirate Crew
    The Ecoline from Invento HQ offers a top quality for a small wallet. They are available in 8 designs.
    16,90 € *
  • Paradise Flower Cosmos
    Landscape your lawn, porch or balcony with lasting beauty and style throughout the year. Made of fade-resistant ripstop polyester and fiberglass frames for increased durability. 
    14,90 € *
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