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  • APA standard
    The APA leading edge connectors offers perfect grip on the rods due to the soft and durable rubber. Fits perfect for 5 and 6mm rods.
    1,10 € *
  • Skyshark crossjoint
    Universal crossjoint for Skyshark rods with inner connector which must be glued to one side. Matches for 3 – 7PT, P90 – P400 or Skyshark Nitro
    6,00 € *
  • APA Stand-Off
    The APA Stand-off bracket is placed over the lower spreader and picks up the Stand-off rods.
    1,70 € *
  • APA special
    The high quality connectors from APA sticks perfect on the rods. Because of their flexible material they fits also very good on rods with non-standard Tube-/Rod Diameters e.g. Skyshark rods.
    1,60 € *
  • FSD leading edge connector
    The leading edge connectors of FSD are made of very durable rubber, extremely robust and very flexible.
    from 1,40 € *
  • JACO claw
    The Jaco claw will be glued to the Stand-off, so you can clip the Stand-off to the lower spreader when mounting the kite.
    from 0,65 € *
  • Level One CFK-Tube 5,5mm
    Level One Kites
    Level One CFK-Tube 5,5mm
    High-quality carbon fiber with special size 5.5 mm as a replacement tube for Level One kites.
    from 8,40 € *
  • APA mini
    The tiny variant of the APA leading edge connectors. Perfect for small kites with small Tube-/Rod Diameter rods.
    1,40 € *
  • FSD rotating crossjoint
    The rotating crossjoints are best for non splitted lower spreaders. The lower spreader can be rotated vertical in the same direktion as the keel.
    6,50 € *
  • FSD hardtop
    FSD hard tops are made of hard plastic. They have an hole cross to the rod direction and a slot toward the hole.
    from 0,80 € *
  • JACO Clip (long)
    Stand-off mount for the kite sail. The clip will be fixed with a rubber ring on the back of the sail.
    0,70 € *
  • Level One CFK-Tube 4,5mm
    Level One Kites
    Level One CFK-Tube 4,5mm
    High-quality carbon fiber with special size 4.5 mm as a replacement tube for Level One kites.
    from 6,90 € *
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